Why you need to get your teens in the kitchen

(NC) Prepping and cooking meals with your teen will teach them some of the essential life skills they will need to be independent. From making simple soups to cooking eggs, pasta and vegetables, spending time in the kitchen preparing meals also encourages them to try new foods and recipes. Not to mention it will help foster healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Having food skills will set them up for success into adulthood. Food skills cover a wide range of activities from knowing how to store and prepare food safely, to planning meals and knowing how to use leftovers. Everything from chopping, mixing and cooking, to following recipes are all key to their learning. Sharing family food and cooking traditions is also a great way to connect with your teen.

Even writing a grocery list and sticking to a budget are important life skills for teens. Learning to cook will save them money and make them rely less on highly processed foods, like ready-to-heat packaged meals.

Going grocery shopping with them will build their confidence in making healthy food choices. It allows them to use their senses to learn the ripeness of fruits and vegetables. It’s also an opportunity to read food labels and choose foods that have little-to-no added sodium, sugars or saturated fat.

Ultimately, nurturing these basic life skills will help them achieve healthy eating habits for a lifetime.

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