Stocking stuffers for your favourite techy

(NC) Before you head out shopping for phone-loving friends or family, take a look at this list of some top accessories for 2019.

Wireless ear buds. Bid those earbuds that only work on one ear adieu and put them out for e-waste. Wireless headphones are quickly becoming the new standard and should be at the top of your list for any mobile enthusiast. Whether they like listening to music while they workout or to podcasts on transit, they’ll never have to worry about uncomfortable yanks on their ears or sorting out a spaghetti of wires again.

Wireless charging pad. Bent connectors and temperamental charging cables are enough to drive any mobile user up the wall. Cut out the hassle with a compact wireless charging port that they can rest their phone on to juice it up. In recent years, wireless charging technology has come a long way and is faster than ever.

Pocket phone cleaner. Oily fingerprints are not a good look, and neither is rubbing a phone on your jeans to clean it off. For a more effective clean, equip friends or family with a non-toxic pocket spray. As an added bonus, it can run double-duty for eyeglasses or even TVs.

Phone grip. If the person you’re shopping for doesn’t have a phone grip, now’s your chance to get them kitted out. Grips provide more stability for photos and video and can also be a perfect way to set up your phone on a surface or attach it to your car. Pop sockets, rings and straps are a few options to get you started.

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