Refresh your kitchen or bathroom with on-trend finishes

(NC) Updating your finishes is a simple way to update your home and set the tone for your living space. From traditional to modern, there are a variety of options available to match the design of any room.

Here is a helpful guide to kitchen and bathroom finishes from Natalia David, trend and design manager at The Home Depot Canada.

Matte black. One of the season’s trendiest finishes, matte black is popular across all categories including appliances, cabinetry, and bathroom and kitchen fixtures such as faucets and shower systems. This finish creates a dramatic, modern look that never goes out of style.

Brushed textures. With a subtle sheen, brushed finishes such as gold, brass and nickel ensure a timeless design. One of the most durable options on the market, brushed options are resistant to fingerprints and water spots. This versatile style is also easy to match with other accessories and fixtures.

Chrome. Chrome continues to be a popular selection for kitchen and bathroom fixtures and hardware. This finish creates a sleek look that pairs well with contemporary design and sculptural fixtures.

Mix and match. Why choose just one? Don’t be afraid to combine finishes to create an eclectic look. Incorporating multiple styles adds dimension and infuses your space with personality. As a general rule, do not use more than three finishes per room to avoid visual clutter.

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