New to Canada? Tips for success

(NC) Emigrating from one country to another is a large undertaking that takes much research and planning.  As such, it’s common to focus on the major items, like where to move and how to find meaningful employment, and neglect certain things that may come with unexpected learning curves.

These items can have a big impact as immigrants adjust to the way of life in a new country. Here are a few tips to help with settling in successfully:

Access the healthcare system: Obtaining a health card is a major Canadian milestone; however, in some provinces it can take up to three months to receive it. There are options available during this transition period which vary by province be sure to research local options to ensure coverage in the interim. To find out more information, click here.

Prepare for weather: Contrary to popular belief, Canada has a wide range of temperatures and climate conditions – not just cold and snowy. The seasons can literally change from one temperature extreme to the other and much of Canada experiences extreme heat in the summertime, so it’s important to research provinces individually when it comes to the weather.

Open a bank account: While most newcomers are aware that Canada’s banking system differs from that of their home country, they often do not know what those differences entail. Many are surprised to learn that they can open a bank account without having a job. In their home country, they might not have been allowed to do so without being employed with a steady income. However, in Canada opening a bank account is one of the first things newcomers should do – even if no money is deposited right away.

Visit or visit a branch near you for help and advice to help you save more and settle in faster.