How to prepare for the federal election

(NC) The federal election is fast approaching, but you might be still on the fence about who to vote for or which issues you should care about. Maybe you’re a first-time voter or you recently moved. Need help? Here’s a quick checklist to ensure you fulfill this important civic duty.

Do your research: Find out who’s running in your riding and read up on their party platforms. It also doesn’t hurt to follow the party leaders on social media.

Get to know your candidates: If you can, attend a local candidates’ debate to get a sense of who they are. If you meet your candidate while on the campaign trail, don’t be afraid to ask them tough questions about issues that matter to you. 

Figure out the logistics: Double check your registration on the Elections Canada website, especially if you’ve recently moved, are a first-time voter or a student living away from home. Once you get your voter card in the mail, check your name and address for any mistakes. Remember you’ll need to bring one piece of government-issued ID with your name, photo and address or two pieces of ID. It is a good idea to mark your calendar or set a reminder on your phone to head to the polls, either on voting day or in an advanced poll. 

Decide your top election issues: Maybe you care deeply about climate change, Indigenous rights or refugees. Where does each candidate stand on these issues? If human rights matter to you, check out Amnesty International Canada’s 2019 human rights agenda at