How to keep your car running smoothly this winter

(NC) Transitional seasons don’t just affect your health, they also affect the health of your vehicle.

The cold weather and icy conditions are a recipe for rust and breakdowns. To mitigate the toll winter can have on your vehicle, Michael Bettencourt, managing editor at shares his tips to keep your car running smoothly all winter long.

Check your tire pressure: Rapid temperature changes can dramatically affect your tire pressure and driving with low pressure can negatively impact your mileage and the tires’ ability to grip ice and snow. To avoid vehicle damage, check your tire pressure regularly throughout the winter.

Visit the car wash regularly: Whether your community uses sand or salt to combat icy conditions, both can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s exterior. Keeping unwanted residues off your paint will fight rust and keep the vehicle in great condition for seasons to come.

Keep the interior dry: Remove snow from your boots before entering the vehicle to reduce the likelihood of moisture causing unwanted odours. Rubber mats are another great way to protect the interior carpets from salt residue and water damage, which are common in snowy weather.

Protect your windshield wipers: It’s easy to forget to raise your wipers when you park your vehicle outside, but doing so can cause them to freeze to the windshield. Avoid damaging wipers by getting into the habit of brushing snow off first and then raising them.