How to avoid this common workplace injury

(NC) Eye injuries in the workplace are more common than we think and can happen in any type of environment. From flying objects to chemicals, tools, particles and even ultraviolet rays, everyone is at risk of suffering an eye injury on the job.

Every day, almost 700 Canadians develop an eye injury while at work. As such, it is important that workers in every environment pay attention to their surroundings and take action to prevent injury.

Eye injuries at the workplace can happen fast, and, most of the time, they can be prevented. To help reduce the number of workplace eye injuries, the Canadian Ophthalmological Society recommends these tips: 

Always wear protective eyewear: Depending on the type of environment you work in, adapting your level of eye protection to your surroundings is key. Experts suggest wearing glasses or goggles that protect the front and sides of your face. Even if you’re just passing through areas that pose eye hazards, protective eyewear is encouraged.

Eliminate obvious hazards: When possible, eliminate any obvious hazards surrounding you before beginning work. You can consider adding machine guarding, work screens or other engineering controls, particularly for construction projects.

Make yourself known: Ensure those working around you are aware when you are present and within their range of motion so that you don’t come into contact with each other and can help avoid accidents or injuries.

If you suspect that you or a coworker has suffered an eye injury, it is important that you do not attempt to treat it yourself, but immediately seek medical help from a local hospital or ophthalmologist. Learn more at